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  • May Members Event

    Saturday, May 01, 2021 at 03:00 PM

    Stop Asian Hate & Sustaining Solidarity: Ramadan Bystander Anti-Racism 

    Join us for our special Ramadan MuslimARC Members event Saturday, May 1st, 2021 at 3pm EST.

    Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is a period for the duration of the month of May for recognizing the contributions and influence of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States.

    In order to understand the roots of 21st century anti-Muslim policies in the United States, which date back to 19th-century anti-Asian racist policies and laws such as the Chinese Exclusion Acts, the internment of Japanese Americans, and imperialistic wars in Southeast Asia. The current spike in anti-Asian hate crimes comes from longstanding xenophobic tropes that portray Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders as a foreign threat. Yet Pacific Islanders have been in North America before the United States was founded and have contributed to society for almost 200 years. Despite their contributions, the previous administration stoked anti-Asian sentiment in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and we have witnessed a spike in horrific anti-Asian hate crimes. Some members of the Muslim community expressed solidarity with the Asian American community during this crisis, yet it is important to note that there is a significant overlap in our communities. We are thrilled to host two leading Asian American Muslims, Alex Fox and Emad Rahim. They are leading the way in building diverse and equitable futures.

    About our guest speakers: 

    Alex Fox is a product leader, software engineer, and writer committed to building inclusive tech and teams. Alex is exploring ways to better engage, support, and foster community through platforms like Clubhouse, a new audio-only app. She is passionate about racial equity and Oakland. Alex is the founder of Origin of Mind, a lifestyle brand and e-commerce platform designed to raise awareness around and channel support for critical social issues. Their latest product, Marketplace, amplifies independent creators of color, by helping bring their businesses online. Alex is the founder of Muslims & Friends, a group of over +76k members that brings individuals from around the world together to share knowledge, community, and learn from one another. The group hosts conversations around faith, identity, and justice in partnership with Muslim scholars and leaders

    Dr. Emad Rahim is a Khmer American and survivor of the Cambodian Killing Fields whose life was turned into the short documentary "Against the Odds": (F.A.M.E.'US International Film Festival’s 2016 Bronze Award Winner), and adapted into a theater production titled "Tales from the Salt City," which is an extension of the acclaimed Undesirable Elements series written by celebrated playwright and Presidential National Medals of Arts Award recipient, Ping Chong. He has been featured in the Huffington Post, Rutgers' The Humanist, Forbes, CEO Magazine, WorldClass Magazine, The Post Standard and covered by BBC and NPR.Rahim was born in a concentration camp in the Killing Fields of Cambodia. He arrived to the United States with his family as a refugee living in Brooklyn New York and was raised in Syracuse NY. After struggling with street violence, gangs, drugs, poverty, family abuse and dyslexia as an adolescent, he found his way through higher education to become an award-winning educator, entrepreneur, author and community leader. Rahim currently serves as the Kotouc Family Endowed Chair and Professor at Bellevue University and Dean of Social Impact at Claremont Lincoln University. He is an award-winning entrepreneur, educator, Fulbright Recipient and TEDx Speaker.  He was the former Dean at Colorado Tech and Strayer University, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Oklahoma State University and Syracuse University, and Visiting Scholar at Rutgers University.

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