Ramadan Anti-Racism


This Ramadan, MuslimARC aims to encourage Muslims to build bridges across racial and ethnic lines, affirm our bond as a spiritual community, and commit ourselves to addressing racial injustice.

Join this event to share your stories and support the anti-racism movement!

Our Ramadan Anti-Racism Guide is available at http://www.muslimarc.org/ramadan-anti-racism/

1. Everyday, we will be posting suggestions for actions you can take daily in the spirit of anti-racism. Take a picture, write a reflection, tape a video, or find another way to share the action(s) you take during this Ramadan and share this under the hashtag #OurRamadan1436 either on Facebook or Twitter. Or, you can post your contributions on this event page!

2. We will be sharing audio/video of diverse reciters of the Qur'an daily under the hashtag #GlobalQari. Check our Facebook and Twitter (www.twitter.com/muslimarc) for the links.

3. We are a media sponsor of the LaunchGood #GoodWillPrevail Challenge! Donate a $1/day to a different campaign for each day of Ramadan - together, we will fully fund 30 projects inshaAllah. Check it out: https://www.launchgood.com/project/good_will_prevail_challenge#. 

Muslim ARC - Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative looks forward to sharing your stories and pictures. Together, we can create more diverse, dynamic, and impact-making communities. 

Ramadan Kareem!


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